Citizenship and Democracy - Primary Scheme of Work £40+VAT

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"The outcomes have been outstanding.  Pupils who... have significant barriers to learning have literally shone." Jane Giebeler, Longstone Primary School, Edinburgh

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This exciting scheme of work uses the thrilling world of Julius Caesar to take pupils on a journey through democracy. Pupils investigate:

  • Political parties, elections and government 
  • How Shakespeare puts persuasive words in the mouth of politician Mark Antony 
  • Different actors' interpretations of the Mark Antony role
  • How to write their own persuasive political speech 
  • How to take part in a political campaign and a class election

The scheme allows pupils to become part of the democratic process themselves and campaign for changes to be made that will affect their school lives. 

The scheme comes with interactive whiteboard games courtesy of partner Triptico, a full scheme PowerPoint and detailed, fully resourced lesson plans to cover a whole half term of teaching.