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In this unique and exciting scheme of work, your students will travel back in time for a guided tour through Shakespeare's theatre. A separate version of the scheme exists for the curriculums of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with full curriculum links.

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"The outcomes have been outstanding.  Pupils who... have significant barriers to learning have literally shone." Jane Giebeler, Longstone Primary School, Edinburgh

Rich with historical evidence, this scheme of work will encourage your pupils to delve deep and answer genuine historical questions, including:

  • What was it like to be a child actor?
  • How dangerous was it to live in Shakespeare’s theatreland?
  • Why did Shakespeare have royal fans?
  • What was the difference between the indoor and outdoor playhouses?

Pupils will have the opportunity to evaluate primary and secondary sources and consider the impact of Shakespeare's work on Elizabethan society.

The scheme includes numerous cross curricular writing opportunities including  diaries, newspaper reports and persuasive letters. 

We are really proud of the resources included in this exciting scheme. We believe we have created a really comprehensive and fun pack that will save you hours of planning! Included in the scheme is:

  • A video introduction for each lesson from Shakespeare’s contemporary Richard Burbage, who guides you through the lessons!
  • A Powerpoint to assist with your teaching of all key learning points.
  • Interactive whiteboard starter and plenary games, exclusive to CSSF
  • Exclusive use of extracts from Susan Cooper’s historical novel King of Shadows