Romeo and Juliet - GCSE scheme of work £90+VAT

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This scheme of work is released on 23rd October 2017

For a limited period, it is available for pre-order at a discounted price of £90 plus vat (usual price £150 plus vat) 

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This scheme of work includes: 

  • A detailed 30 lesson teaching sequence 
  • Links to new GCSE exam Assessment Objectives 
  • A unique partnership with Learning on Screen - giving you online classroom access to different filmed interpretations of key Romeo and Juliet scenes, with teacher notes for class discussion
  • AO1 - Provocative statements (with for and against discussion points) for each lesson, encouraging pupils to explore and provide textual evidence for their own interpretations of Romeo and JulietExamples include
      • Romeo is fickle. He doesn't know Juliet and can't possibly love her 
      • Tybalt is more valiant and noble than Romeo 
  • AO2 - Close textual analysis of key text extracts, including exploration of language and structure through a unique combination of SSF drama and rehearsal room techniques, reciprocal reading and writing activities 
  • AO3 - Pupil handouts with key social, cultural and historical teaching points and linked pupil research activities 
  • Exam style questions with worked model answers 
  • Rehearsal room drama activities throughout 
  • AO4 - Pupil handout for peer and self evaluation of grammar and punctuation use 

Note - to access the Learning on Screen clips, you will need to activate a free trial of Learning on Screen's BoB, and your school will require an ERA licence.