The Trial of Hamlet - A Key Stage 2 English and Citizenship Scheme of Work £40+VAT

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In this exciting scheme of work immerses students into the dark and dangerous world of Elsinore, where Hamlet is on trial for the murder of Polonius. It’s a cross curricular scheme linked to the KS2 English and Citizenship curriculums for England and Wales, and covering:

  1. English and Drama: The story, characters and themes of Shakespeare’s Hamlet are brought to life through a combination of drama games and classroom activities, designed to produce excellent written outcomes.
  2. Citizenship: Children investigate the roles of the prosecution, defence, judge and jury in a criminal court, leading to a role play of a mock criminal trial
  3. Philosophy: Through an examination of guilt and moral responsibility, children are encouraged to investigate whether Hamlet is really liable for the murder of Polonius

Please note that if you are a registered SSF 2017 Festival school, this scheme of work is included within your registration fee